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Chiropractic’s Basis

The body is alive because of the proper flow of life giving energy surging through it to maintain a stable environment called health. The principle of energy directing body function is documented in all Medical Physiology text books.


Chiropractic’s premise for disease and symptoms is that if this life giving energy is disturbed, interrupted or otherwise distorted the body lacks the ability to properly adapt to an insult (toxin, injury or environment) and therefore the body cannot maintain a stable healthy expression.


Dr. Masters SEREM® Chiropractic melds the best of Chiropractic with the best of Acupuncture, without the discomfort of the spinal adjustment or the discomfort of acupuncture needles, to balance the body energies so the body can again maintain peace and stability without symptoms. This is further explained in the SEREM® website at

I come from a family of chiropractors.  My father and his two brothers, my two brothers, my two sons, a nephew and a daughter-in-law are all chiropractic graduates.  My father R. O. Masters Sr., was the first in the family to enter the profession and the most active in efforts to elevate the profession on a state and national level.


I have been an Iowa licensed chiropractor for over 45 years.  Like the others in my family I am constantly striving to serve my patients better today than I did yesterday.  In 1997, I discovered a correlation between symptoms, Meridian system, the nervous system and the focus on the symptom.


I discovered how to balance the energies of the body with a very gentle non-forceful procedure that caused symptoms to vanish almost instantly. I had never experienced the consistent immediate reduction of symptoms in my practice before that discovery.  I have termed  the treatment, State Energy Remedy® or SEREM® for short.


SEREM® Chiropractic is so efficient in reducing symptoms that it is the only protocol of care I use in my practice today.   


I teach the SEREM® technique to other Doctors of Chiropractic who are practicing with the same awesome results that I am.  I invite you to visit the SEREM® website at


About Dr. Masters

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My Purpose:  

To help you recapture the Joy of feeling good.

Dr. Ron Masters, Chiropractor Developer and instructor of SEREM® Chiropractic.

My Mission:

To share with those ready to receive it, the human body’s awe-inspiring power to be free of pain and symptoms when the body’s energies are released by the SEREM® treatment.

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